When you work with Justin, you aren’t asked to attend weekly sessions at some alternative location. The problems are explored in your home, which is where they originated, and where they will be solved. In one session you will understand the unique reasons why your dog is having problems, and you will learn hands-on techniques to solve them.

Why is my dog behaving this way/What do I need to do/And why do I need to do it?

My Philosophy

No two households are the same, so there’s no single answer to a dog’s issues. Remember, we’re not attempting to ‘control’ the dog, we’re creating a lasting relationship between you and your dog that guides behaviour naturally.
I call this aspect of the relationship training ‘etiquette’ rather than ‘obedience’. Sure, an obedient dog will do what it’s told, but a dog with good social etiquette often knows what to do without being told, and doesn’t require constant ‘rewards’.
Etiquette is about applying dog psychology to establish a positive relationship with the dog – so it alters its behaviour naturally.
When we positively introduce rules, boundaries and limitation your dog naturally understands its place in the household and so it will be more relaxed, calmer and less stressed, and then you can achieve real harmony.


Justin has been working with dogs and their families for over 10 years, perfecting an holistic ‘whole picture’ approach to behavioural dog training in Kent and the South East. 

My mission is to help, support and educate dog owners and dog handlers about behavioural responses, how they differ to traditional obedience training, and to help them understand natural dog pack behaviour and dog psychology. I call this Dog Logic. 

Changing behaviour is about building a positive relationship, through gentle methods where everybody has a place, and everybody communicates and speaks the same language. Get that right and you’ll be on your way to achieving real harmony and happiness in your household.


Choosing dog training in Kent means opting for a solution that prioritises your dog’s long-term well-being. We don’t believe in quick fixes or making you attend sessions in unfamiliar environments. Instead, we focus on understanding the root causes of your dog’s behavioural issues right in your home—where they originate and where they can be most effectively resolved. Our home-based approach provides a comfortable setting for both the dog and the owner, promoting more organic and sustainable behavioural changes.

Justin’s philosophy goes beyond traditional obedience techniques to focus on what he calls ‘etiquette training.’ This nuanced approach aims to build a symbiotic relationship between you and your dog, ensuring mutual understanding and respect. Traditional obedience training often relies on repetitive commands and rewards, but etiquette training taps into the innate social cues and psychology of dogs. By aligning with their natural instincts, you encourage behaviours that are not only positive but also self-sustaining.

The term ‘etiquette’ was deliberately chosen to highlight the focus on mutual respect and natural behaviour over command-based obedience. Etiquette training goes deeper than merely teaching a dog to obey—it helps a dog understand what is expected without the need for constant commands or rewards. This approach integrates principles of dog psychology to build a relationship based on mutual understanding, making it a more humane and effective method for long-term behavioural change.

Justin is not just a dog trainer; he’s a behavioural specialist with over 10 years of hands-on experience. His holistic approach to dog behaviour training in Kent covers not just the dog but also educates the family. Understanding dog psychology and pack behaviour are crucial aspects of his training regimen. This isn’t about short-term tricks but about fostering a deep understanding between you and your dog for a harmonious life together.

Traditional methods often employ a ‘command and reward’ system, focusing solely on the dog’s actions. Justin’s puppy training and puppy house training methodologies, however, adopt a ‘whole picture’ approach that extends beyond mere actions to understand underlying motivations and triggers. This enriches the training process, making it more effective and humane.

Our commitment to transparency and support extends to our communication channels. We offer multiple ways for you to reach us, as detailed on our ‘Contact Us‘ page. Whether you have preliminary queries or need post-training support, we ensure that help is just a click or a phone call away.

While many dog training services require ongoing, weekly sessions, our aim is to equip you with the knowledge and skills to instigate real behavioural change in a single, comprehensive session conducted in your home. However, we do offer additional puppy obedience training sessions as required, always customised to suit your individual needs.

The immediate goal is to equip you with actionable insights and tools right in the first session. However, the pace of your dog’s behavioural transformation is also influenced by how consistently and effectively you apply the techniques taught. It’s not just about the dog’s learning; it’s a symbiotic process that involves the owner actively participating and applying the learned methods.

If you have a question that hasn’t been addressed in our FAQs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We understand that every dog and household is unique, and you may have specific concerns that require personalised guidance. Our ultimate aim is to equip you with actionable insights and tools from the very first session. The success of the training is a symbiotic process, relying on both the dog’s learning and your consistent application of the techniques taught. Feel free to contact us for any further queries or clarifications.