Dog Adoption

Rehoming and adoption.

At Dog Trainers Kent, we have over 20 years experience with dealing with adopted dogs. Being prepared and forearmed is vital when contending this option of dog ownership. Rarely do dogs who have been handed over from their original owners get more than one more chance, so getting the correct match can be critical.

If you are considering adoption then you should consider the environment which the potential dog will come into. Do you work full-time, are there young children living at home or who visit you, do you have other pets, and if you have other dogs then what age and sex are they?

One of many factors when considering adoption is what time can you dedicate to exercising your potential dog on a daily basis and what type of exercise can you offer?  Can you walk to your local park or will you need to drive there? Would you like to be able to let your potential dog run free off-lead without the fear of it chasing wildlife or other dogs/children?

Having considered the points above, you should then make your enquiries with the surrounding rehoming charities for available matches. You will need to ask them whether the potential dogs have been health checked/neutered/spayed/microchip. Are there any underlying health conditions or dietary requirements? Why was the dog handed over and what character and temperament tests have they performed?

All adopted dogs will have a degree of physical and emotional behavioural experiences. Some positive to your requirements and some not so much. Some could compliment your home and family while others could be demanding or even dangerous.  Dogs who have a history of aggression often find themselves up for adoption. Unfortunately, not all owners will give the full facts when handing over their dogs so the more you are able to ask and test, the better your informed decision will be, for all concerned.

At Dog Trainers Kent, we help owners retrain their adopted dogs and we will provide you with the best possible advise. Not all behaviours can be removed but they may be reduced or managed. Prevention is always better than intervention and we can help you achieve this so you and your dog enjoy your time together. When adopted dogs with unwanted behaviours are seen in public unfortunately others do not know the dogs history or your kindness, they only see the dog being “naughty”. This need not be the case.  Adopting a dog can be a fantastic and wholesome experience and at Dog Trainers Kent we have firsthand experience, so we believe we are in a great position to advise, share our knowledge and teach you our techniques, enabling you to maximise those early days together and get off to the best possible start.    

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