Puppy House Training

Puppy House Training

1-2-1 puppy obedience and behaviour training at your home or your chosen area.
Puppy House Training in Kent

Puppy House Training Induction Visit

I offer a puppy induction visit to your home to provide you with the knowledge and skills to give puppy the best start into it’s new family.

The puppy house traininghome visit includes:

  • How dogs learn
  • How to teach puppy your house rules
  • How to encourage good puppy behaviour
  • How to correct unwanted behaviour

I will correct any behaviour problems your puppy may already have and provide expert advice regarding the best training methods.

I also provide information on:

  • Puppy flea and worm treatment
  • Collars and leads
  • Puppy  healthiest diet

I will answer any questions you have and advise you on the best puppy training in Kent solutions.

Puppy House Rules

From the first moments, we need to teach the new puppy house rules. One needs to bare in mind puppies grow up and it is far better to teach it one set of rules from the start. Here are the 12 golden rules that need to be adopted from the moment your puppy arrives home.

  1. Have a bed ready in a quiet secure place such as the kitchen or utility room, (see crate training). There will be times when the puppy needs it’s own space away from the family and vice versa.
  2. If puppy cries for attention enter the room but do not speak or acknowledge it. Puppies learn to cry for your attention and will continue until if you respond.
  3. Ration puppies strokes and cuddles. Should it persist for your attention tell it ‘No’ and send it away.
  4. Do not allow the puppy to jump up for attention.
  5. Let puppy get used to staying in ‘it’s room’ and only allow it out as a special treat. You may regret letting the puppy wander from room to room.
  6. Never allow puppy upstairs or into bedrooms.
  7. Do not keep picking the puppy up or allow it onto furniture.
  8. Do not leave items where puppy may chew them.
  9. Keep all toxic substances locked into cupboards.
  10. Discourage family members and visitors from fussing puppy as soon as they enter the house. Encourage them to wait a while before interacting with it.
  11. Puppy’s toys should come out for a period then put away after use. This will keep puppy interested in them and help teach it when they can be played with. Show puppy how to play with its toys as you would with a young child.
  12. Teach your puppy to wait or sit before feeding it. Do not openly share your food.

Puppy Crate Training

Dog crates are extremely beneficial for new puppies for the following reasons.

They provide a personal space for puppy that it can rest in.

It helps puppy to feel safe and secure.

It prevents puppy from wandering around and toileting or chewing in the home.

Ideally one should teach puppy not to toilet inside the cage.

Crates need to be at least twice the size of puppy allowing for growth in larger breeds.

Think how big will puppy be in 9 months time.

Place puppy’s bedding into the crate. If the crate has a tray in the base cover first with newspaper then lay the bedding in.

Ensure puppy always has a supply of water in a spill proof bowl. Many pet supplies sell bowls that can be hung from the side of the crate to prevent spillage.

Puppy Chewing

It is essential for puppies to chew to maintain the health of their teeth and gums and to provide relief when they are teething. Chewing also relieves anxiety and boredom and is an entertaining pastime.

The dog’s mouth and teeth are also an essential tool for carrying things around. To prevent unwanted chewing we first need to help the puppy understand what it can and should not chew. Puppy chews in the main should not be easily destroyed.

Soft toys should be substituted with rubber Kong Toys some of which can be stuffed with food or treats.

Teaching puppy what it can chew

Should puppy start to chew items such as slippers, present both slipper and approved dog chew to puppy.

If the puppy touches the slipper say ‘NO’ firmly. Then give puppy the dog chew, interacting, playing, and praising puppy.

Bitter Apple

Some puppies manage to still chew things when unattended. In this case there is a product named Bitter Apple which is a spray that can be applied to the article. It smells and tastes unpleasant but can be a good deterrent, (spot test to ensure it does not stain the article).

Tidy up

It is good practice to tidy up regularly so items are not left around for puppy to find.

Puppy House Soiling

For most puppies the first eight weeks are spent in the litter. Puppies will ‘toilet’ where they stand with ’mum’ clearing up the mess for them.

By the time they leave the litter this process will be well imprinted in them. When puppy arrives into it’s new home one needs to teach puppies where it now needs to eliminate.

Substrate Training

Substrate training is where puppy associates eliminating itself, for example concrete, tiles, matting et cetera. If it has been used to toileting on a certain surface it is likely to search out that surface again.

Restrict Movement

First we need to restrict the area puppy is allowed to wander in. Place newspaper over that area. Clean up as soon as the paper is soiled. Gradually reduce the paper to a few sheets which should finish near the exit door.
Learn when puppy needs to ‘go’

Puppies are similar to babies inasmuch as they need to eliminate shortly after feeding. One can soon judge how soon after feeding that puppy will need to ‘go’. If one gets the timing right we should put puppy on a collar and lead and take it to a selected spot in the garden. Hopefully puppy will soon go and we should praise it.

As puppy is ‘going’ use a word so as ‘wee wee’, ‘tiddles’, ‘quickly’ or similar. Puppy will soon associate the word with the action.

Never tell puppy off if it has an ‘accident’ toileting where it shouldn’t. It will not understand the reprimand but may then fear ‘going’ in your presence.


  • Mrs D

    Justin turned up at my door to an emotional sobbing wreck 6 months ago when my existing dog looked like he was never going to accept our new puppy, he gave me the tools and confidence to enable me to take back control and we never looked back. They are now inseparable and I honestly don't think that would be the case if I hadn't have called Justin that day. I really can't recommend him highly enough.

    Louie & Maisie

  • Paul & Selina.

    Gidea Park, Romford

    We reached out to Justin for advice regarding our newly acquired 10 month old German shorthaired Pointer who had separation anxiety and was a nervous dog. Personal visit and subsequent support has been first class. Would highly recommend.

  • Jayne and Jeff.

    Wickham Bishops, Essex.

    After Justin’s visit, we both gained confidence to take Dave, our dog out during the day and stop avoiding triggers but deal with them. There was an immediate change in our (and of course Dave’s ) attitude and behaviour!

    The “Leadership Program” is genius and something we return to whenever feeling overwhelmed.

    Without being too melodramatic, we would like to say Justin’s visit changed our lives and we now have a perfectly imperfect little dog that’s happy and healthy.

    Eternally thankful to Justin.

  • Garrie. Bexley, Kent

    We rescued a Rottie /Douge de Bordeaux cross puppy who was taken from his mum at 6 weeks and we were his third home in the first 3 months. We were having issues with bitting and control with Rolo, despite being a very handsome and cute boy. He was growing rapidly and now weighing 4 1/2 stone and his puppy mouthing/nipping was getting very painful. He was playfully out of control when we got visitors, compounded by having very few during lockdown. Having spent most of his life in kennels he was struggling to know where to go to the toilet, often just weeing where he stood.

    Justin immediately controlled Rolos behaviour on entry. He worked with us using different techniques to ensure he understood his place in the pack”. The program was totally focused on both our behaviour and his, explaining at every turn what our actions mean to Rolo. We also went for a walk and was given walking and training techniques which we put in place daily. Justins advice of nutrition was superb and we are moving to feed upon his advice. We have seen an immediate impact.

    We highly recommend Justin. The program has given us the confidence, knowledge and ability to take on and bring up a very large boisterous dog giving him clear boundaries as to behaviour and a level of contentment to his place in the pack with us as his pack leader. We cant thank Justin enough
  • Stephen.


    We first contacted Justin on the advice of our breed owners club. We had taken on a 3 year old Sealyham Terrier and were struggling with her aggression and nervousness. Although we had had dogs before, we hadn't encountered these issues before and were really losing confidence in our ability to manage her. Justin spent a couple of hours with us, assessing our dog and discussing strategies with us. His advice was clear and easy to follow. We quickly found that it made a huge and positive impact on the dog's behaviour, and on our confidence. We are now in a much better place and our dog has really adjusted. I would recommend Justin without hesitation.”

  • Natalie.

    Romford, Essex

    Early last year we had a few  issues with our 2 year old Cockapoo, Molly.  She had just started snapping and lunging at us and we were becoming anxious of her.  Justin interacted with Molly as soon as he arrived watching her all the time and gaining an understanding of her behaviour.  It was quiet and insight when he explained to us his observations of her.   From the moment he left Molly was already calmer.  Justin provided a thorough report with lots of ideas and rules.  We followed his advice and I have to say Molly is now a loving dog.

    Justins approach was very professional and he had a fountain of knowledge. He never made you feel that you were bad "dog parents," he just showed you different ways to do and look at things.  He also explained a dogs behaviour which again was very useful.  Sometimes you know what you should be doing and why, but it is not always easy to put in practice but Justin provided the tools for us to do this.

    Highly recommend Justin
  • The Pearce family.

    Tonbridge, Kent

    We found the dog training experience very insightful, the constant challenge of Buddy pulling on the lead whilst on walks was both tiring and stressful and made taking him out a chore. Hearing feedback on the necessary steps to take and the appropriate lead choice for his temperament has really allowed walking to become an enjoyment. Knowing when to keep him under control and when to allow freedom was important for both the enjoyment of us and the enjoyment of Buddy. Justin's friendly and non-judgemental approach really gave us the confidence to be able to address all problems large and small. We would highly recommend him”



  • Mrs Dawson

    Maldon, Essex

    After having many difficulties when walking our dog particularly with pulling and showing aggression on the lead - we were recommended to Dog Training in Kent. Justin presented a genuine interest from our first phone call and was prepared to travel some miles to visit us. Justin remained professional as he asked lots of questions to establish Lottie's routine and diet. It was when we walked Lottie that he was able to see the overall picture of how we respond to her and of course her behaviour. Justin then changed her harness to one he had brought along which has since proved invaluable. He was able to give us guidance in how to train Lottie by using a variety of sound, movement and assertiveness. We have received a summary which helps us move forward with a renewed hope and confidence. We also have the option of having Justin back for another visit. We would highly recommend this service for anyone needing help with their dog - and we would like to thank Justin for his help.

    Lottie & Maisie

  • Sally

    Maidstone Kent

    Justin came to our house when we first got our puppy at 4 months old and spent a lot of time going through everything we wanted to know about having a puppy at home and left us an easy to follow programme. Within 2 minutes of arriving at our house, our puppy was in the palm of his hand! We went out for a walk and he showed us how to get the best from walk time and explained what our puppy needed. Since then we have called him several times and he has come to our assistance, in fact we are looking to book another visit shortly to go through the next stage of our puppys life as she is now 8 months old! We highly recommend Justin to anyone who wants to do the best for their dog, he explains things clearly, is always at the end of the phone, and our dog loves him!!!

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