Puppy Obedience Training

At Dog Training in Kent, we understand that puppies are more than just pets; they’re an extension of your family. Our specialised Puppy Obedience Training is designed to instil good behaviour and essential commands in your puppy, right from the get-go.

Puppy obedience training in Kent

Puppy Obedience Training

Tailored Puppy Obedience Training in Kent: Building a Lifelong Bond with Your Furry Friend

At Dog Training in Kent, we offer specialised Puppy Obedience Training aimed at establishing essential commands and positive behaviours from a young age. This maximises your opportunities to ensure that future potential unwanted behaviours don’t surface at all.

Our home-based, individualised approach ensures that your puppy learns in a familiar environment, suited to your lifestyle and requirements setting the stage for a lifetime of obedience and mutual respect. Group classes are not for everyone, and some can in fact be detrimental to the puppy and your relationship! Getting off to a positive start is a great investment for you and puppy.

Why Choose Our Puppy Obedience Training

  • Home-Based Learning: Your home is where your puppy is most comfortable. We bring our training sessions to your doorstep, ensuring a relaxed, effective learning environment.
  • Individualised Approach: No two puppies are alike. Our training plans are tailored to suit your puppy’s unique personality and needs.
  • Certified Experts: Our trainers are certified professionals who understand the nuances of canine behaviour deeply.
  • Long-Lasting Results: Our methodology is designed for sustained obedience, aiming to create a lifelong bond between you and your pup.

First Eight Weeks

Most puppies spend the initial eight weeks of life with their litter, where they learn social cues and hierarchical structures. Their mother will instinctually set the rules, boundaries and limitation.  When a puppy joins your household, it’s crucial to take over from the pups mother and establish your own house rules and consistently, positively guiding and enforcing them to maintain a balanced environment. A balanced dog is a happy dog. 

Puppy Obedience Essentials

Instilling obedience in a puppy is akin to teaching children the difference between right and wrong. Consistent and persistent clear communication is key. We must remember that all dog behaviour is natural behaviour. What we might ask for could be unnatural behaviour so positive reinforcement encourages good behaviour, while corrective actions help to eliminate undesirable habits.
  • Understanding dog cognition and communication
  • Utilising specific sounds and body language
  • Teaching commands like ‘sit,’ ‘lie down,’ ‘stay,’ and ‘come’
  • Leash training for pull-free walks
  • Teaching your puppy to fetch and relinquish items willingly
  • Eliminate mouthing (biting) and jumping up

Puppy learning social behaviour boundaries

The Importance of Early Training For Your Puppy

Addressing these behaviours at an early stage is essential to prevent them from becoming ingrained habits. We call these learned behaviours. At Dog Training in Kent, we offer home-based solutions to correct:
  • Excessive barking
  • Separation anxiety
  • Stealing objects
  • Aggression towards family members
  • Food aggression
  • And many more, regardless of the breed type, you name it, and we’ve probably experienced it and provided many, many solutions. 


It’s never too early to start! Puppies are most impressionable between 8 and 12 weeks, making this the ideal time to start obedience training. Learn more on our Puppy Training in Kent page.

Yes, it’s highly beneficial for you to be present. Our goal is not just to train your puppy but to equip you with the skills needed to guide your pet effectively.

Your puppy will learn essential commands like ‘sit,’ ‘stay,’ ‘heel,’ and more, fostering a harmonious living environment. For more advanced techniques, you can explore our Dog Obedience Training in Kent section.

We take a holistic approach to training, which extends beyond mere commands. Our focus is on understanding the psychological needs of your puppy to correct behavioural issues effectively. Read more about our Dog Behaviour Training in Kent.

Absolutely, we utilise a humane, positive reinforcement technique that is not only effective but also builds a stronger bond between you and your puppy.

Early obedience training for puppies is essential for shaping their behaviour before they develop ingrained habits. It allows you to establish house rules and create a balanced, harmonious environment.

Puppies commonly face issues like house soiling, nipping, chewing household items, and even showing signs of aggression. These behaviours can become permanent if not addressed in time. To learn more about how we tackle these challenges, check our section on Dog Behaviour Training in Kent.

Every household and puppy is unique, so we offer customised, 1-2-1 training solutions that cater to your specific needs. To learn more about our tailored approach, visit the Dog Training in Kent homepage.

We focus on creating a psychologically balanced environment for your dog. Techniques include positive reinforcement and gentle corrective actions to mitigate behaviours like excessive barking and separation anxiety. More details are available on our Dog Obedience Kent page.

If you have a question that hasn’t been addressed in our FAQs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We understand that every dog and household is unique, and you may have specific concerns that require personalised guidance. Our ultimate aim is to equip you with actionable insights and tools from the very first session. The success of the training is a symbiotic process, relying on both the dog’s learning and your consistent application of the techniques taught. Feel free to contact us for any further queries or clarifications.